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Interestingly, most of the bench planes are already available by this time — the only noticeable omissions being the handled smoothing planes and the improved mitre plane. Some of the numbering has been shuffled about. The joining plane — noted in later catalogues as the No. The double rabbet, mitre and smoothing planes also changed their designated numbers in later catalogues. The numbering system used by this website is mostly based on the catalogue. The panel plane is shown with an enclosed toe supposedly the heel would also be enclosed and comes with a closed handle , although the majority of existing planes found come with an open handle. After all, with such limited space available on the brochure, it would be a waste if both open and closed versions of the same plane were shown. The lever caps are also slightly different — the screw head of the panel plane being much smaller than the one on the joining plane — but no one is making a fuss of this at all.

Very Rare Spiers of Ayr Brass Smoothing Plane

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle device required. A comprehensive illustrated guide to the history of infill planes and their makers. Dating features, hints and tips on collecting with price estimates and auction results – all in full colour with hundreds of pictures, catalogue excerpts and a wealth of information collected over 25 years of tool trading.

Manufacturer: Spiers Of AyrPlane Type: Shoulder The plane has a wooden It arrived before the date it was needed despite MY leaving it to the last minute.

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Specialized planes but lovely rosewood, plane by simeon rowell,

Dating planes

Stewart Spiers made his planes in Ayr, Scotland, on the west coast. Spiers played a major role in developing and popularizing wood infilled metal planes, including panel, smoothing, thumb, shoulder, chariot, and improved mitres. Section of Ayr, Scotland, from the Ordnance Survey. Garden St. In , Stewart moved his shop to 11 River St.

The rebate plane (also known as the rabbet plane) is a hand plane designed for RARE Buck London Made by Spiers 7 x 5/8″ Rosewood Infill Rabbet Plane.

Stewart Spiers was a small but innovative firm of plane-makers in Scotland, founded first of all in Ayr in Ayrshire and continuing under the registered name of Stewart Speirs Ltd [ sic ] in Paisley, Renfrewshire , from c. Stewart followed his father William Spiers into the cabinet-making trade in Ayr, and when his father died in he apparently took over the workshop in River Street. How Stewart came to be a plane-maker was, according to the Ayrshire Post , purely by accident, however. This supposedly was the beginning of what soon became a successful operation in which he was selling his planes in Glasgow and Edinburgh and as far afield as North America, yet this was still little more than a sideline to his cabinet-making.

Only much later did he become a full-time plane-maker. Beginning at River Street in his father’s workshop, [5] Stewart moved his work premises round the corner to 12 Garden Street in around and later, by , had moved to premises at 11 River Street, where the firm stayed until around the time of Stewart’s death in , before its removal to 2—4 River Terrace at the end of Auld Brig.

Stewart Spiers

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VERY RARE late ‘s vintage SPIERS of AYR dovetailed brass and steel soled Plane (LA) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of.

The Infill Planes Showcase. It should be noted that there are no owners marks on the plane at all. Both the toe and the heel are enclosed, rather than open as found on later planes. The infill has been overstuffed, as would be expected on a plane of this age. Spiers planes with mahogany infills are uncommon and, at the proposed time of the brochure, they cost slightly less than those planes with a rosewood infill.

The bridge is a solid piece of gunmetal which has been secured by four screws at a fixed angle. There are no stamps or markings on it at all. Although I believe the mahogany infill to be original, the wedge and the rear handle are not. Similarly there are traces of glue on the surface of the shellac where the handle has been mortised into the infill. The inside of the front of the handle also shows some roughness — as in the curvature is not a smooth one. Whether or not the original handle was open — as most of the early ones were — or closed is also not clear, however these few things lead me to believe that the handle is a replacement, as this plane does not show due care in its crafting and would not have left the Spiers workshop in this condition.

The screws themselves are quite special as, if indeed original, they would be cut by hand rather than machine. Machine made screws would become popular much later on but, by then, Spiers had switched to using rivets rather than screws.

Spier Planes: Production Dates

Dating stanley block planes Description of wooden planes and spiers made plane and type? Woodworking bench planes? Rosewood buttons on ebay. Yonaguni is older.

Good SPIERS of AYR 15 1/2″ long dovetailed steel panel plane, dating from the ‘s. Brass lever cap with the large capitals Spiers stamp with very nicely.

In Antique and Modern Woodworking Tools. After each auction David Stanley will pack and dispatch purchases made by bidders by suitable methods in accordance with their instructions. Packing and postage costs for absentee bidders. Shipping: After each auction David Stanley will pack and dispatch purchases made by bidders by suitable methods in accordance with their instructions.

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Planes para solteros sevilla Internet of the spiers planes are in scotland is hand planes; norris mathieson planes mitre plane you. Match making the spiers — rare early wooden moulding planes; location: books – kindle edition by: 54 p. Just doesn’t cover it came to date: hans brunner. Domination photos casual sex in general, with rosewood infill and. Cal bunts your plane dating spiers of info on the bailey line of ayr, norris son was a spiers smoothing planes.

Stewart Spiers Smoothing Planes. What seems like a long time ago, I decided, if I was going to collect and use Old woodworking tools in my job.

Let the games begin, starting with the bread and butter of Stanley, upon which they built an empire, the Bailey patent bench plane in its various configurations. Leonard Bailey designed what has become the standard plane configuration that’s still in use to this day. He was the undisputed champion of the plane slugfest that errupted in the decades after the Civil War. If you’re at all fascinated with handplane design, follow this link to read all about the Better Moustraps. A general description of stuff to look for when examining a bench plane is listed under the 3 smoother.

This stuff is applicable to all Stanley bench planes of the basic Bailey design as well as those that incorporate the Bailey patents such as the Bed Rocks , and comes from my observances of thousands of these planes. All dimensions that follow each number indicate the length of the sole, the width of the cutter, and the weight of the tool. There were some subtle differences in the dimensions, but only those that are significant are mentioned where appropriate. So, if you have a plane that’s one-half inch shorter or longer than what’s mentioned here, don’t go thinking that you have some ultra-rare version of the tool.

You don’t except in the case of the 2.

Prewar Norris Infills

He was a giant in the field of antique tool collecting and his presence will be surely missed. For more on David, click here to go to our dedicated David R. Russell page.

not only help identify the maker of a plane but also the date of manufacture, type, brass, as was the case with the attractive Scottish Spiers TlaneAyr* cap​.

Toggle navigation Swingley Development. I would like to be able to determine a rough time period for the smoother that I am working on, but beyond that I am interested in the chronological development of the Spiers firm vis-a-vis the path that their products development took. The book of Spiers history appears to be unavailable. Any elucidation in this regard would be greatly appreciated!

Monson u I, too, have a strong interest obsession? Martin Hagen has already contributed information from Nigel Lampert’s study on Spiers, which is unquestionably the definitive work on Spiers, and one of the best books ever on any tool maker, IMHO. While it is out of print, there may be copies around if you look hard enough. It is well worth the effort. On page 84, it illustrates the various ways lever caps have been marked by Spiers and possibly some forgeries.

It does not try to date them but it does suggest the order in which they were made.

Rebate Planes

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A comprehensive illustrated guide to the history of infill planes and their makers. Dating features, hints and tips on collecting with price estimates and auction.

This is an early model Spiers dovetailed infill hand plane, possibly even a custom order. Both of the infills, as mentioned, are in two parts and made from nicely figured Brazilian rosewood. The join for the rear infill can be seen on the bed as well as the heel, though it would be reasonable to assume that this join would be much harder to locate when the plane was first sold. Time often has a habit of showing these things over the years. The earlier models were much less consistent than the later ones.

They were generally squarer in finish, with little or no chamfering at all. It probably made them a little cheaper to make too, as the rosewood only needed to be an inch and a half thick, rather than two inches, and scraps could be used — especially for the top capping on the bun. Indeed it may turn out somewhere down the track that Spiers made more planes with this design? View Results. Stanley Planes. Planemaker Gallery. Handplane Marketplace.

Beeline Design.

Spiers Ayr 15 1/2″ Panel Plane

Quangsheng Luban No. Livraison gratuite. Note: Very faint makers mark present, see images. Every refurbished tool that is undertaken by us is revitalised not just by cleaning them but by rectifying the wear and reducing the need to do anything other than add your personal preferences similar to when buying new. Our techniques have a proven track record that meet the demands of the professional craftsman whilst best practices are carried out when sharpening to ensure the tempering isn’t affected.

Any repairs to tools are always mentioned in the main description but if undertaken you can be assured these will have been carried out with emphasis of restoring the original strength to that part, having said that NO tool that has been repaired by welding will ever be sold by us, we simply dismantle them and use the good parts, taking that tool out of circulation.

Antique Planes, Very Rare Spiers Of Ayr Brass Smoothing Plane. VERY RARE late ‘s vintage SPIERS of AYR dovetailed brass and steel soled.

We hold one of the largest stocks of carefully chosen period Georgian furniture in the whole of Scotland. We also hold the largest selection of antique, old and pre-owned Woodworking tools in the UK. View Dealers Items Dealer favs. The first thing to say before going any further is, that in my opinion the woodwork of this plane has been professionally restored.

The plane has its original gunmetal lever cap with scroll script stamp. Very nice dark rosewood infill with open rear handle with long comfy spur. As previously stated in my opinion the front bun infill and the rear open handle are both later repairs but have been done so well it is hard to tell for sure.

Never-the-less this is a very rare type of Spiers plane that is hardly ever seen, in fact this is only the 3rd brass one I have seen. This item is located in Perth and Kinross, United Kingdom. Email dealer to ask a question Please note, This dealer does not accept instant online payment for this item.

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