Do It Yourself — Building Your Own Stretcher Bar Frames

Imitation oil paintings with misleading paper labels on period-looking frames have been fooling lots of buyers recently. The paper labels prominently feature London, Amsterdam, Paris and other European cities. Thick gold finished frames are heavy and highly decorated. The mostly Victorian subjects appear to be painted in thick oils applied in a heavy texture. The truth is that these pieces are not paintings at all but specially altered paper prints made on modern printing presses. They don’t come from Europe but from reproduction wholesalers who have them manufactured in Indonesia. The paper labels?

Victorian Oil Paintings from Europe?

There are different approaches for determining the authenticity of antique paintings : – verifying authenticity through a purely stylistic evaluation – verifying the authenticity of a painting by means of objective tests of the ageing of the material – verifying the authenticity of a painting with the use of scientific instrumental methods. The combined results of the stylistic, material and scientific investigations will permit the establishing of the compatibility of the painting with presumed elements or its inauthenticity.

Portrait “Anna Selbtritt”, Thanks to the laboratory’s modern equipment, a painting can be subjected to analysis using infrared reflectography , Wood’s light , a stereoscopic microscope , IR spectroscopy and other instrumental techniques. IR spectroscopic analysis permits the analysis of various materials to ascertain their compatibility with the presumed historic period: pigments, binders, glues and varnishes.

The oil on canvas after removing the frame; note the stretcher marks caused with older paintings, particularly those dating prior to the s and 70s. In fact, the paint surface was cracked at the stretcher edge around the.

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Artist Stretchers

You can learn a lot by looking at the back of a painting. In fact, some of the most important and revealing information about a work of art is not visible from the front. But what, exactly, can you learn from the different markings, stamps, labels, and inscriptions hidden on the back of a work of art? Originally colored off-white or beige, a canvas will darken as decades pass.

disclosed for canvas frames (stretchers) which find application, especially, in painting. The canvas frame (stretcher) can also be rotated about the center axis​.

But a recent purchase of the product in this case, Liquitex left me with the feeling that the formulation or something had changed. I now had much more trouble sanding it down to the precise surface texture I wanted; it was like sanding rubber. So I decided to try gluing a fine, smooth canvas to the hardboard panels instead. Panel stretchers are actually pretty simple: you build a braced panel, and then stretch your canvas over it.

To make one, you can either fire up your carpentry skills and build a braced wood panel support, or you can assemble a set of commercially available stretcher bars, and attach a piece of quarter-inch thick plywood cut to size of course , using headless brads. I took a slightly different approach. The resulting panel is lightweight but still very strong and rigid. The stretcher bars are assembled and a piece of Gator board has been cut to fit.

From the front, the finished panel stretcher looks like any other stretched canvas. From the back, the white Gator board is visible instead of the unprimed canvas back. Your email address will never be shared, I promise!

Stretcher Keys – How to use them

This glossary contains a number of recurrent terms found on the present site which may not be clear to all readers, especially when employed within the context of an art discussion. Some of these terms, signaled by an icon of the Vermeer’s monogram and signature, are also discussed as they relate to specifically Vermeer’s art. Each of the four sections of the glossary can be accessed from the menu top of each page of the glossary entries.

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Art Introduction to Painting Assignment: Make your own stretcher and painting from scratch. We are going to make a painting, start to finish. That means we will build our own stretchers, stretch the canvas, and then make the painting. The tools that you will need are in the sculpture department, and some are in the prop room. The school will supply everything except wood, canvas, and gesso.

Please note that there is class in the sculpture studios on MW a. Please do not interrupt other classes and be sure to clean up after yourself.


Express your love through abstract expressionism with fine artist Jeremy Brown’s bold idea for making one-of-a-kind art. Each kit allows couples to capture the beauty of intimacy in a new and elegant way by bringing the canvas to the bedroom. The bold black non-toxic paint takes shape on a white cotton canvas in the form of pure love. What’s left is a striking painting that leaves a tangible piece of your bond to hang and celebrate for years to come. An original newlywed gift or an exciting idea to capture an anniversary through a shared masterpiece.

I much prefer to paint on hardboard panels and for many years, primed them myself with acrylic “gesso”. But a recent purchase of the product (in this case, Liquitex).

Buongiorno had a friend who may have been a cousin , Pasquale Sannino, who was an expert cabinet maker according to my grandfather, who knew Sannino from life, and mentioned him in his memoir. Sannino, also Italian-born, emigrated to the U. These stretchers are commercially manufactured, suggesting this painting may be newer than the ones on hand-made stretchers. Boston Mass. A Darius Cobb painting , a N.

Wyeth painting , and a painting by C. Myron Clark , who died in , place it between and the early s. Buongiorno first travelled to Boston, that I know of, inadvertently in when when a ship on which he was returning to the U. Read about it in the New York Times. Later, Buongiorno painted church murals in Boston from — He could have purchased art supplies in Boston at any of these times. Do you own a Donatus Buongiorno painting that has unique stretchers?

Stretchers vs. Strainers – What’s the Difference?

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Conservation (AIC) Paintings Specialty Group, is one of the most comprehensive works to date on stretchers and strainers. This monumental.

Our craftsmen build our artist stretchers to the millimeter in all shapes and sizes including circles, ovals, arches, tondos, diamonds, triangles, plus the more regular squares and rectangles. Our artist stretchers are available through leading retail art suppliers and wholesale through Art Spectrum. Artists can select custom made or stock sized artist stretchers profiles. Our artist stretchers use two types of timber. Its qualities include stability, strength and affordability.

Not hard, not heavy, and not old growth. Available in our Bumpa, Professional Quality and Medium profiles. We have it laminated lengthwise to give a straight stable artist stretcher. This is a sustainably-harvested timber that is highly respected for its archival qualities.

Why Beveled Canvas Stretcher Frames Are Best: An Oil On Canvas Case Study

The artist is unknown, but the painting has great sentimental value as a family heirloom and a mysterious one, at that! On inspection, I found a number of issues including lifting and flaking paint media, heavy soiling, punctures and tears, canvas buckling and slack. The top left corner had buckled and as you can see in this photo, a stretcher mark had appeared across the top of the artwork.

The oil on canvas after removing the frame; note the stretcher marks caused by the flat stretcher bars. Caused by flat stretcher bars coming in contact with the canvas, a stretcher mark is characterized by cracks in the paint.

Art Introduction to Painting Assignment: Make your own stretcher and painting from scratch. Due Date Wednesday, October 9 or Thursday, October

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Old, Historic Paintings: Tips on How to Identify Old Paintings by Looking at the Back Side