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We match your buyers criteria with active mls listings and send you push notifications when new matches are found so you can focus on what matters most — your relationships with clients. Agents leverage the collective buyer demand within the entire Raven network — creating relevant and compelling value for prospective sellers resulting in more signed listing contracts. Agents secure more buyers by offering them exposure to more listing inventory as part of the Raven network. Raven helps you market your listings to the right agents at the right time — helping you comply with local MLS rules and national regulations from NAR; including the Clear Cooperation Policy 8. No matter what, your client’s contact information is never displayed. Raven fully understands and supports the need for privacy. You have the option to approve or deny any potential matches before any information is shared with other agents. It’s in your hands.

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Before we toast , we wanted to give you some quotes from years past to motivate you into the New Year. This idea of matchmaking might help as you plan for When thinking about your outreach or network, think about how you can connect with them over a longer period of time.

How can I subscribe and who qualifies to be a member? Buyer’s View offers a subscription-based membership for licensed loan officers and mortgage brokers​.

This service helps take the guesswork out of choosing a trustworthy, knowledgable, ethical, and well regarded real estate professional to assist you in your real estate needs. Julie has worked within the West Hawaii real estate community for over 8 years and has connections from her work in real estate social media training around the islands. We continue to work with our clients to ensure the match is a good one and keep an eye on them through the process. This is a totally complimentary service!

I have owned a bit of land in Fern Forest bear Mountain View. Have not been back since and have no idea if the area is good or not now? We have 2 small pups and do not live large, we need good air, safe place, and walking places. Land I have may not be the best area anymore? We are near 70 years young and want a good life as long as we can go for it; any impressions or should we call and talk?

Real Estate Matchmaker Review – Is This What Will Launch You to Success?

The real estate industry has been ripe for change for the past few decades. While virtually every other industry has seen sweeping impacts of technological determinism, Canadian real estate has been slow on the uptake, says William C. Strange, professor of economic analysis and policy at the Rotman School of Management. McGee has three patents to prove it. Agents with verified licenses and brokerage affiliations can sign up to Nobul as easily as creating a profile on any online app.

Real Estate Matchmaking. May • Alan Lavine. The REIT market is being propelled by consolidation. Mergers and acquisitions are still driving the real.

Our Real Estate agent network includes over cities across North America and we take an active role in ensuring a positive real estate experience from the first introduction to the close of escrow of your home purchase or home sale. Client care is our number one priority for you, your friend, co-worker, or family member. Please provide as much detail as possible then click submit. We will follow up immediately with a phone call to share ideas and learn additional details to assure a perfect Real Estate agent match.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and discuss your real estate goals. We stand ready to exceed your expectations. We match you to a top Real Estate agent we know and trust based on our criteria: Expertise Client Needs Availability for best client-care Our Real Estate agent network includes over cities across North America and we take an active role in ensuring a positive real estate experience from the first introduction to the close of escrow of your home purchase or home sale.

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The Art and Science of Real Estate Matchmaking

Tags: Real Estate buyers real estate agent. Anyone can sell a home, but being a real estate matchmaker takes a strong level of commitment to your buyer and knowledge of the market. Before you can match someone to their perfect home, you have to know what a perfect home looks like for them. Some buyers will be prepared with a detailed list of must-haves and deal breakers as soon as you walk in the door for your first appointment. Others will have a bunch of scattered ideas floating around their head.

Questions like these can help you eliminate certain types of homes and communities from the picture, keeping your focus on what matters most to the buyer.

The Lurie Group Real Estate Matchmaking service helps find you the right Realtor when you are buying or selling a home outside of San Francisco. We match.

Request-for-offer site. We will provide a match between local real estates and home-owners wanting to sell. Layout draft attached for the website. Maybe the website will be in a more brighter light blue further on. Every design category has flexible pricing for all budgets. A quick, interactive guide helped them understand their design style and captured exactly what they needed in their logo design. Work with talented, professional Logo design designers to turn your ideas into reality.

Real estate matchmaking apps promise a marketplace of leads

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Realtor Buyer & Seller Matchmaking. We match your buyers criteria with active mls listings and send you push notifications when new matches are found so you​.

Dark-stained floors, maybe? Floor-to-ceiling windows? Yet somehow, you know: This is it. It happens when we run to the pet store for goldfish food and walk out with a labrador puppy. It hits us when meet our future spouses. We realize it when we set foot onto the property of our dreams. The fact that emotional connections can be blissfully blindsiding is why we blame cupid for such events: Who else but a mythical, rosy-cheeked, chubby flying baby with an enchanted arrow could inspire such instant magnetism?

Studies have shown this is as true with personal attraction as it is with attraction to objects. So, what does this mean for real estate marketers? Think of real estate marketers as less like the mythical Cupid and more like your lovingly meddling mom or best friend: they play matchmaker. Great marketers do research. Then, they place ads in those locations.

Real Estate Matchmaking Sites

The real estate market can seem difficult to navigate, but this website is packed with everything you need to make buying or selling a home in the Gainesville area as simple as possible. If you’re buying a home, this site has the most current listing information, including price reductions and real-time market statistics. There is also a customizable map-based search to streamline your search by location, as well as the option to create a personalized profile, so you can save your searches for later.

Enjoy! “A realtor is not a salesperson. They’re a matchmaker. They introduce people to homes, until they fall in love with.

On the other hand, it feels like time has flown by. Can you do it? Can you pass them and cross that finish line before everyone else? Is your first response yes? What if you had never competed before? Imagine even if you were competing against these seasoned athletes and you had only one leg? Would your perception change as a viewer? We may not be out running an actual 4 laps around the track against others.

But sometimes our lives or jobs or even both can seem like a competitive race. Working in a field measured by sales figures for me, makes things at minimum, semi-competitive. Having been the number one agent four of the last five years makes me feel like that should continue. Those are what I work for, not the numbers.

Logo design for a real estate matchmaking service

If you are employed by an independent mortgage broker and have a valid license in the state you practice in, you are eligible to participate. You will be required to present your local license information upon sign up. This fee is payable by credit card yearly in advance.

Love and real estate, the perfect match? Getty. There’s online dating apps and friends’ weddings to find the love of your life, but then there’s.

When you think a bit more about it, the ultimate goal of a real estate agent serving a client is really to match them up with the perfect house for them, almost the way a matchmaker tries to find two people that will fit well together as a couple. In this day and age most people live a substantial part entire lives online. People socialize with their friends on Facebook, they meet potential friends in forums and online communities, and we now even search for our perfect mate online.

Shopping for a home also happens to usually start online. It is your job to wade through the pool of eligible homes bachelors and sort through all the ones that are too expensive, too nerdy, not cute enough, not smart enough, etc. It makes sense then to consult the tried and true practices in matchmaking that help those professionals find the right people for each other, and see if any of them could also apply for matching your clients with their dream home.

When a person is looking for a mate, it is a waste of time for them to even consider those potential mates that are clearly out of their league. In the world of real estate the idea is the same. It is your job to keep your client ground in reality, and help them be realistic in terms of price when choosing their next home. This is a long term commitment, and they need to be absolutely sure they actually want to buy a new house. This is a tangible step that shows they are ready to move on to a new home.

You want to make sure they are completely over their love affair with their previous home. When trying to manage the many pitfalls of online dating, on inevitably goes on a date where the other person looks nothing like their picture online.


Copy Writing by Market IQ. Call: Matchmaker We bring property to the people. This revolutionary approach to Victoria real estate is designed to help buyers find homes and sellers find buyers! Not exactly re-inventing the wheel, this is more a case of turning the sales process on its head.

To help people who want to buy real estate in the Hawaiian Islands, Julie and Eric Ziemelis have a launched an innovative real estate “matchmaking” service to​.

In my younger years, I loved to fix up my friends romantically. It was a rush for me—putting good people in the same room, talk them up to each other, and watch the sparks fly. I fixed up 4 friends that even made it down the aisle. They are all still together to this day and I secretly take full credit for all of their beautiful children. I essentially found a career that builds on this passion. My love of matchmaking is exactly why I love selling houses, particularly to buyers.

I matched lovely Kim with her home and it was love at first sight. Years ago, two of my favorite clients were looking for a newer home, closer to the schools. We looked casually for many months. Showing them houses was fun because the family was great, and their boys were pretty entertaining. I knew what they were looking for, but each house that came on the market was close, but not perfect.

The wife got frustrated that we kissed so many frogs without finding the prince.

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Given the favourable demographics, digital matchmaking in the real estate vertical is likely to grow. The key to success is not just technology.

This is our 5th transaction with Ilona and we remain as pleased as we were with her for our first purchase many years ago. Her level of service and commitment to us as clients hasn’t changed despite her continued growth. She was honest with us when considering the most appropriate offer and was always clear in her interactions with the seller and other related parties. We were able to buy under asking and obtain the best possible outcome for our family.

Her professional knowledge of construction, the downtown market, and complex transactions was invaluable. We highly recommend Ilona. We didn’t look at any homes that didn’t make sense, and he was available at the buzz of a phone to take us to see places as they came on the market, which was critical in finding the Right Place. In fact, the home we found went on the market at noon, I was notified at , and Carlos was showing it to us by 1pm. That allowed us to put in the first offer, and it was accepted immediately.

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