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This is an understandably disconcerting moment for many, but there are steps we can all take to help mitigate the effect on our communities. COVID is spreading, but misinformation and disinformation are spreading even faster. The most responsible thing you can do is protect yourself from both the disease and false information. Being prepared with facts and data instead of assumptions and fabrications will help inform how you can best prepare for COVID If you find your concerns about being prepared are crossing a line that affects your mental health, please consider reaching out to a loved one who can guide you to help, a mental health professional, or an organization set up to help those in need. Take care of yourselves, Tumblr. Head on over to world-wide-what for a refresher on what fake news looks like and how it spreads. Pass those tips onto others when you see them accidentally spreading false information. But how in the world could you afford it? I thought you said you were having some issues?

Martin Luther King Jr Quotes: 12 Inspirational Excerpts on Tumblr

Many in the United States got the day off work Monday in celebration of the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Even after his assassination in , his legacy as well as his moving speeches have inspired people to follow in Dr. King’s path. In honor of today, we collected some of the most widely shared MLK quotes from Tumblr , where they have been posted as uplifting messages to others.

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See more ideas about Quote aesthetic, Mood quotes, Tumblr quotes. sad quotes & We choose the most beautiful Grunge Life More for you. I wish I didn’t care all the time – Play Date (Melanie Martinez charmlessfish: “official-artorias ”.

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Info about relationships quotes and more. Online dating.

People Who Only Want to Fuck Smart People Created Their Own ‘Sexual Orientation’

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Here are some of the best tweets and tumblr posts about River and David: There are major spoilers for Episode 1 of The Politician below. 1.

Tumblr has been going strong since and is still one of the most popular social networks, with over 23 million active users in the USA and over a billion posts on the platform each month. Contrary to online rumors, Tumblr is not dead and still hosts an active community of dedicated users. Tumblr is a website and app where users can post images, videos, text, audio clips, quotes, and other types of content to their account.

This type of layout means you can scroll through a lot of content quickly and click on the posts that catch your eye for a closer look. You can also search keywords and tags to find content that interests you. Tumblr is both a blogging platform and a social network. Tumblr was created as a microblogging platform originally known as tumblelogging designed to post short-form content. Tumblr quickly grew in popularity, not just as a blogging platform, but also as a way to communicate and socialize with other users.

For bloggers who want to build on a platform that makes it easy to quickly build a following, Tumblr offers the best of both worlds. Tumblr has both a web interface and a mobile app. You can choose which one you use to post content and browse or use a mixture of both. You can post your own, original content, and many artists, writers, and other creatives use Tumblr to post their work. Tumblr is also popular for curating content. This means posting content created by other people.

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I used to blog on Tumblr exclusively. But then the community got stale — other users stopped posting cool art and gifs as they gravitated to Instagram. The site took a further blow when it banned porn, including artsy content like this. I still use Tumblr today but for mere syndication for this blog. But Automatic, the company that owns WordPress.

THIS IS AMAZING I mean I won’t date you cuz I don’t Pooh Memes Have Officially Reached New Heights – Funny memes that “GET IT” and want you to too​.

Fanart Friday! Christopher Lightwood as the Hermit with his beloved lemon tart in Chain of Iron. The Hermit card often stands for wisdom and knowledge. The Tracking rune had led them into one of the remaining pockets of old Shanghai, from before the wide boulevards and the shining silver malls. They had to walk in single file to avoid blocking the way for pedestrians and cyclists. Not evil magic, he thought.

Not even alien magic. His own magic, pooling within him. It was creating a kind of aura at the edges of his vision, bright blue and sparkling. He guessed they would find Ragnor, then through Ragnor find Shinyun, and hopefully she would explain the phenomenon to him. Or he hoped it could wait until they could do some research tomorrow. Clary was examining a series of signs covered in felt-tip hand- writing, tacked up to the windows of a closed storefront.

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Gatsby Design , a website from my colleagues at Gatsby showcasing their design thinking, launched in the past couple of weeks and of course my first instinct was to give it a spin for accessibility. I was so pleased with what I found! The Gatsby Design team kept their site simple, and let the content do the talking: articles with artwork telling their stories of working as designers. They kept visible keyboard focus outlines, included good color contrast, and there are no automated accessibility issues that I could find in Accessibility Insights.

Accessibility must be considered before the development phase to be successful, so to see a design team embrace it for their own site is fabulous. The Spectrum CSS project, in contrast to its design system, is a working collection of component styles that you can download from npm or explore on GitHub and apply to your own project.

Even worse, Yahoo acquired the Tumblr platform for $ billion in and never made functionality they’re eager to unlock once we close the acquisition officially in a few weeks Post author By Wells Baum; Post date August 5, too much as well as a quote or photo to express myself, kind of like a pin board.

Korrasami is canon. You can celebrate it, embrace it, accept it, get over it, or whatever you feel the need to do, but there is no denying it. That is the official story. We received some wonderful press in the wake of the series finale at the end of last week, and just about every piece I read got it right: Korra and Asami fell in love. Were they friends? Yes, and they still are, but they also grew to have romantic feelings for each other.

Asami was a duplicitous spy when Mike and I first conceived her character. You give these characters life and then they tell you what they want to do. I have bragging rights as the first Korrasami shipper I win! Once we got into Book 2 we knew we were going to have them break up, and we never planned on getting them back together. Sorry, friends. I like Mako too, and I am sure he will be just fine in the romance department.

Originally, it was primarily intended to be a strong friendship.

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Could you do some Will Herondale x Tessa Gray fanart please? post about Red Scrolls of Magic—tell us your favorite scene, draw a picture, illustrate a quote.

Anyway, I knew it was going to be a cheesy film… but then, I walked out of there thinking about my own commitment issues about how everyone my age is afraid of commitment but what we are really afraid of is failure, uncertainty, and change. All of which are inevitable in life. But there will always be obstacles! Just take the risk. Either way, there will be something to gain from it.

Something as little and impacting as a lesson. If you like someone and enjoy spending time with them and sleeping with them is it really that bad to actually date them and treat them like they matter? View On WordPress. However the introduction of Ellie Imogen Poots into the life of Jason soon changes matters. Log in Sign up. On a day I really really needed you, And being there for someone when they need you?

Zac Efron Kisses Imogen Poots in Are We Officially Dating!